After waiting as long as possible to try for the summit, The Heavy Haulers have made their way back down to 14 Camp on their way home

Alpine Ascents Team 12, The Heavy Haulers, did their very best and spent five days up at high camp in some pretty tough winds and challenging weather, but never got an opportunity to go for the summit. However today we pushed our way down the ridge through some strong winds and made our way to 14,000 foot Camp, where we’re safe and sound, had a nice big dinner and we’re working our way back towards the airstrip so that we can head home to the people we love.

14K Camp, Photo: Brien Sheedy.

14K Camp, Photo: Brien Sheedy.


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Alp 12 staying cozy as they wait for the wind and snow to clear for an attempt at the summit


Alpine Ascents Team 12 is still at High Camp waiting on a little bit of a wind and a snow storm.

The Team’s doing well. We’re eating good food, drinking some nice hot drinks, and staying cozy in our tents until the weather breaks and we have an opportunity to do something here.


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Eating good food and staying positive The Heavy Haulers patiently watch for conditions to be right to go for the summit


Hey, this is Mark Pugliese with Alpine 12/Team Heavy Haulers.

We are currently still sitting at High Camp at 17,000 feet, waiting for good weather conditions and weather window to go for the summit. So we are just hanging out, eating good food, and trying to stay positive to everybody. Everybody’s in really good spirits.

And we will talk to you guys soon.


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Alp 12 hanging out at High Camp looking ahead with fingers crossed for a window to go for the summit


Alpine Ascents Team 12 is currently comfortably spending time at High Camp awaiting a decent day to go for the summit.

Tomorrow looks promising so we’ll keep you up to date as we work toward the summit.


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Alp 11 successfully descends to Base Camp in excellent conditions with a flight out soon to Talkeetna concluding their awesome adventure!


Hey, this is Sam from Alpine Ascents 11.

We just had a long night, rolled through, encountered the lower glacier in some excellent conditions and just arrived at Base Camp, getting all prepared here. They say the plane’s going to pick us up in about 45 minutes, so the next time you hear from your loved ones will probably be via a cell phone call.

A very successful trip. Everyone’s psyched to be back here…(transmission cuts out briefly) and people are enjoying themselves, so yeah it’s another beautiful day here on Denali, despite what the forecast may say. So (transmission cuts out) very grateful to be all down in one piece and everybody’s doing great.

So this will be our final cybercast. Cheers! Alpine Ascents 11 out.


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After reaching Base Camp Alp 10 does a shout out to loved ones as they reflect on being the Team of many names


Hey everybody, it’s Micah with Alp 10/Team Khumbu Cloth. We were formerly: Cloudy with a Chance of Crushing, then we were Transmission Garbled, Team formerly known as Transmission Garbled, The Finishers, and now Khumbu Cloth.

We are at Kahiltna Base Camp after a six hour push from Camp 2 at 11,200 feet. We are now at 7,200 feet and hoping for a plane ride out tomorrow. Everyone did amazingly well.

We want to give a shout out to everybody back home and say “we’ll see you soon!”.

(Personal shout outs from individual Team Members.)

Alright, see everybody soon!


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Alp 11 pauses their descent at 14 Camp to wait out some snowy conditions before continuing down


Hi, this is Sam from Alp 11 just checking in.

We awoke this morning at Camp to a little bit of a grim situation – 50 mile an hour winds. It’s snowing pretty hard sideways, but things laid down around midday. And after taking a couple hours to evaluate the weather, we decided to push down the hill and we’re down here at 14 Camp with an eye on getting even lower over the course of the night. So we’re all super happy to be down here breathing some thicker air and are looking forward to going down even farther into warm temperatures and possibly a plane flight home tomorrow.

So stay posted. Alright, have a good night.


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